Friday Rewind: Youth offenders visits and Mike gets censored

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Band Conversations
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Howdy! Here is another Friday Rewind! Digging out an old post from the archives

Oh yeah, it was pointed out to me that some of the American readers won’t know who Fritzel is, in reference to Wednesdays post. Basically he was this Austrian bloke who locked up his own children in his basement and then fathered children with them, until they were discovered by the police.

THAT’S the event Mike was referring to when he said “The world needs a new Fritzel” as a “Distraction”



  1. the master says:

    “The world needs a new Fritzel”

    Working on it, my friend. I just need to find someone to do the soundproofing dirt cheap.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Story was all over the news here in the States as well. Didn’t remember the loony’s name was Fritzel.
      So, another +1 for a truly funny quote by Mike.

      Diggin’ the old post, Don’t remember reading it before.Mike’s comment (cut short by you Jowett for good reason. heh) regarding Coldplay bust me up.

  2. The Hobbler says:

    Hey, I nominated you for the 7 X 7 link award…here’s the link:

  3. Very funny blog indeed and nice writing as well; thank you for the opportunity of getting to know you through your work here, which I might never have known about had you not pushed the “like” button on one of my own blog posts. I look forward to exploring more of your writing soon. Cheers and thank you …

  4. The Taxi Dog says:

    a roadie! yeah!! my daughter managed a theatrical company’s tours, in the day. after graduating from UCLA. [bruins, double yeah] thanks for reading my blog. in my day, the ’70s, i was too strait-laced to go “Kerouac”. now retired, i will read you with envy..

    that’s what The Taxi Dog Life is all about. its from a children’s book: the adventures of taxi dog. if you love the book, you’ll love the movie. actually, there is a movie on

    its in the 1st 10 minutes.


  5. bmj2k says:

    Fun stuff! I just read a bunch of these and I’m going back for more!

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