Friday Rewind: How to defeat the creepy little girl from ‘The Ring’ and other impressions

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Band Conversations
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Hello Again! Last weeks Friday Rewind post went down well so I thought I would dip into the archives again and find another funny post. Enjoy!


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  1. Your blog cracks me up! Too bad for the censors. . . ’cause I bet the guys are a full out riot when not having to worry about offending someone!
    And thanks for continuing to check out my blog.

  2. the master says:

    Reading that through again, I’ve come up with a simpler way for Joel to defeat Samara – switch to DVD (says the man who still owns and uses a VCR).

    Out of interest, is there any chance that you might one day make these recordings available in a podcast format? ’Cos I reckon that could be very successful, not to mention hilarious! And you always alter the voices.

  3. aplscruf says:

    LOL. Joel should really consider reviewing “2010: A Space Odyssey.” Just so curious how he would handle the whole thing! Or…what about that new Muppet Movie hitting the theatres now??

    • And I’m curious if he has an opinion on the final defeat of Voldemort. Could Harry Potter have done something different and made it a one book story instead of 7? I’m a huge fan of the books so I’m not saying I would have prefered only one book; I’m just interested in Joel’s take on “you know who”. lol

  4. Blogdramedy says:

    And still funny… 🙂 Just getting better with age.

  5. Funny’s funny, no matter how many times you read it. BTW, nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Get the scoop here…

  6. aplscruf says:

    …and The Muppets were on Saturday Night Live last night…Kermit did the news…

  7. Chooksta says:

    Hi! I just nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger” Award. Check out my latest blog post for the details!

  8. zencherry says:

    Now I’m going to have to dig through your Archives…this was brilliant. 😉

  9. Ramu Nair says:

    That tickles funny bone… good one…

  10. eof737 says:

    I enjoy your humor… edgy but harmless. 😉 😆

  11. sobnyc says:

    Hello friend, You liked a post I did. I read some of your work, very cool.

    I hope you like this story, one of many many in my life growing up in NYC



    Our neighborhood was made up of mostly apartment buildings, large and small. Every here and there you could find an old townhome, not many but there were a few. I had two good friends/drinking buddies. John The Pirate and Frankie. The Pirate rented a basement unit and Frankie had the third floor apartment.

    Most days we would hang out in the backyard or I should say the rear of the building, an all concrete courtyard. The courtyard was filled with all sorts of trash, most probably came from us. Growing up in NYC had its way of beating you down sometimes, so if you had a back yard made of concrete or something else, you used it as much as you could.

    John The Pirate and I were sitting back there one day drinking beer, smoking weed and passing back and forth this huge bottle of wine. I’m sure there was somewhere else I was supposed to be, like work or some shit like that. But hey, drinking versus work no brainer to me.

    I sat in my lawn chair passing a joint to The Pirate when I noticed in the far corner of the courtyard there were a few white sweat socks lying on the ground. I asked The Pirate, “What’s with the freaking socks?” He replies, “I don’t have a clue man. I see more and more of them all the time. There’re not mine and I ain’t gonna touch them they look funky as shit. I leave them alone”. I walked over and did a quick drunk counton the socks, there must have been like a dozen. I stopped thinking about it and went back to drinking.

    A few weeks later I was up in Frankie’s apartment drinking when I was supposed to be doing something else (for the life of me, I just can’t figure out what else I had to do, probably work or NOT DRINK). Aftre a bit, I had to take a crap. I go into Frankies bathroom and proceed to do my business. I’m done and I reach over to grab some toilet paper, give me a fucking break there’s no toilet paper! I’m like shit, come on. I yelled out the bathroom door, “Frank, where’s the goddamn toilet paper? He yells back at me,” if there’s none in there, just do what I do”.

    I thought about that for a moment, and instantly knew I was going to regret asking, but I did anyway and asked, “What the hell do you do”.

    He yells back and says, “I use my sock to wipe my ass, then I throw it out the window into the back yard”.

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