No ‘PING’ Button, Discussions On Slavery And Past Jobs

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Band Conversations
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JOWETT: Hello!

RYAN: Hello

MIKE: Hello

RYAN: Hello

JOWETT: Right, firstly, We aren’t in a studio today. Which means we have no ‘PING’ button. So for this post we are going back to the old system. Would you like to explain, Ryan?

RYAN: Okay. If I feel that anyone is straying into a conversation that will cause legal issues, I will warn them with a warning sound. The warning sound will be the title of a Beatles song

JOWETT: Great! Let’s kick it off! I thought we could talk about past jobs that you have had. Joel, do you want to start?

JOEL: Erm okay. I had rubbish past jobs

JOWETT: Where did you work?

JOEL: I worked in a cafe kitchen. I was treated like a slave

JOWETT: I doubt it was that bad

JOEL: No honestly, I was practically in slavery

JOWETT: Mate, you weren’t were you. I imagine you chose to be there AND got paid for it?

JOEL: Yeah

JOWETT: It’s not slavery then

JOEL: …….It was a bit

JOWETT: Right, It’s sort of offensive to keep saying this. What do you think slavery is? Where do you think it comes from?

MIKE: Ryan?

RYAN: Yes mate?

MIKE: Erm, I’m thinking you should probably intervene here. He’s just asked Joel to explain how slavery came about, it’s more than likely going to be offensive and I will probably say something daft as a result of it, so………

RYAN: Let’s just see how it pans out…

MIKE: Okay


MIKE: Problem, Jowett?

JOWETT: No no, I’m just waiting to see if you had finished your conversation

MIKE: Yeah sorry. Carry on

JOEL: I’m not entirely sure how it came about

JOWETT: Well an entire race was plucked from their homeland and taken to another country where they were forced to work under harsh conditions and with no payment

MIKE: Well say what you want about Willy Wonker, but he got his own movie


MIKE: I warned you, Ryan!

RYAN: Yeah, fair do’s

JOWETT: Oh come on, Ryan! He even let you know in advance!

RYAN: Sorry

JOWETT: Let’s move on. Mike, past jobs?

MIKE: I was a slave for a bit…


JOWETT: Come on now

MIKE: When I was in college I had a work placement at a shelter

JOWETT: Like for homeless people?

MIKE: Tramps, yeah

JOWETT: Right. You aren’t allowed to say tramp anymore, it’s not PC, you have to say homeless. Ryan, be on guard

RYAN: Okay

JOWETT: So what did you do there?

MIKE: Serving food, talking to them, giving out clothes to them. Most of them had drug problems too, so we talked to them about that

JOWETT: Oh right

MIKE: I remember a fight broke out inside the shelter between two tra..

RYAN: Penny L…

MIKE: Two homeless people, about some clothes being given out

JOWETT: Really?

MIKE: Yeah. One of them got really wound up about it and wouldn’t let it drop, so I had a chat with him

JOWETT: What did you say?

MIKE: Just like, it’s not that important

JOWETT: Yeah. Told him he would get first pick of the next lot of clothes or something?

MIKE: Yeah and buy some smack to take his mind off…

RYAN: Strawberry fields


MIKE: (Laughing) I knew someone who could sort them out!

JOWETT: I will pretend I didn’t hear that. Do you remember any of their names?

MIKE: Nah I tried not to. They didn’t live that long and If you start giving them names then you get attached to them


JOWETT: UNbelievable. Comparing them to goldfish or something….

MIKE: Yeah if you like. Goldfish that smelt of sick, had heroin addictions and fingerless  gloves


JOWETT: RIGHT! RYAN! Tell me one of your past jobs, quickly

RYAN: Erm I used to sell heroin to homeless people


MIKE: For the purpose of the tape, even Jowett is laughing at that

RYAN: We might as well scrap the warning system this week

JOWETT: Yeah I figured that. Did you REALLY give advice about drugs to homeless people?

MIKE: Are you REALLY asking?

JOWETT: Actually…No

MIKE: Nah I am joking. I didn’t do that. A lot of the time they would come in, off their face. So we had to keep them amused and occupied for a bit until they sobered up


MIKE: Didn’t take much. Ever seen a tramp on acid? Just give him a spoon and he will be there for a good few hours


MIKE: A group, about five of them, came in once, absolutely fu*ked, off acid. We couldn’t control them so me and another volunteer held a puppet show for them that consisted of empty cans of beans with faces dawn on them


MIKE: They lapped it up, wanted to know what other stuff the ‘Actors’ had been in


MIKE: They gave an award to the mushy peas tin for its performance. Like a BAFTA

JOWETT: What was the award?

MIKE: A shoe

JOWETT: I’m ending this nonsense. Until next time!

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  1. susielindau says:

    Cans of beans and they wanted to know what other films they had been in???? Hilarious!!

  2. Hahah! I love the warning system on this one. Awesome blog! Definitely going to follow this and thanks for checking mine out 🙂

  3. G M Stevens says:

    Great post. “If you start giving them names…” started me laughing and I pretty much laughed through the rest of it. Loved it.

  4. aplscruf says:

    PING!!! LOL again, boys.

  5. cuhome says:

    You guys are funny! Thanks for the grins!

  6. Cayman Thorn says:

    Yanno, I read these posts and I think. . . how comes I ain’t been invited other side yet? You’re a sick puppy, and we all love it.

  7. You are TOO funny, guys!!! Keep it up!

  8. jannatwrites says:

    Yeah, I’d say the warning system was pointless in this conversation 🙂 Sometimes you just have to un-invite ‘PC’ to the party.

  9. too too funny! i think this one may well be my favorite – although i do still chuclke about kermit and miss piggy 😉

  10. tootsiewoo says:

    I saw “Slavery” in the title and I was immediately alarmed…soooo funny. I think I find the least PC posts the funniets. oops.

  11. Ape No. 1 says:

    “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” from laughing at your post.

  12. Janece says:

    Anyone who had a first job at 15 in some sort of ‘fast food’ establishment knows exactly what slavery means. Mine involved scrubbing floors and scooping ice cream for a dirty old man who was missing two fingers from a run in with a hack saw.

    Lucky hack saw.

  13. kewsmith says:

    So funny. Still laughing and might continue to laugh all day as I visualize the puppet show.

  14. The Hook says:

    This is the place to bust a gut! I don’t where you go to get it repaired, though….

  15. Byron says:

    Solid stuff, dude! I’ve been awake for two days, drawing strips and pulling out my hair writing stuff – – had to take a break and read your work. Nice!

  16. MIKE: Didn’t take much. Ever seen a tramp on acid? Just give him a spoon and he will be there for a good few hours.

    Never seen this personally, but I’ve heard mushrooms do the same thing. A flower pot occupied two of my friends for an hour.


  17. zencherry says:

    Bwhwhaaa! Tin can puppet show. (Wipes eyes) Priceless!

  18. Laughing and digging out Penny Lane at the same time…….

  19. eof737 says:

    I guess it was time to end it for Jowett. 😉

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