Large receptionists and Mike maintains he is not misogynistic or homophobic

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Band Conversations
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JOWETT: Alright lads!

JOEL: Hello

MIKE: Hello

RYAN: Hello

JOWETT: So what’s been going on?

JOEL: I saw Danny today

JOWETT: Oh ah?

JOEL: Yeah


JOWETT: Anything to add to that?

JOEL: Not really


JOWETT: Brilliant. Pointless, that was

JOEL: Just saying. I haven’t seen him in ages

JOWETT: People reading this don’t know who….right, for the readers, Danny use to work on the front desk, for the management company

MIKE: He was fat


MIKE: But like obese fat. Massive

RYAN: Yeah he was quite big

MIKE: But like, he worked on reception in the management offices and behind him was one of the fire exits. The corridors in the old building were really narrow. I always thought, if there was a fire, we would have been fu*ked!

JOWETT: Mmm yeah. That’s it though, isn’t it. When you’re so big you become a health and safety nightmare

MIKE: Or appear on Google Earth



MIKE: I saw him once, right….You know those executive toys you see, like stress balls and stuff?


MIKE: I saw him with, what I thought was a stress ball that he was throwing from one hand to the other, while on the phone. I was walking past and motioned with my hands for him to throw it to me. I caught it and it was a unwrapped chocolate orange!


JOWETT: (Laughing) No it wasn’t

MIKE: It was! At first I thought, ‘Eugh it’s sweaty’ It had just been melting

JOWETT: Oh my god

JOEL: Have you seen the new chocolate orange? It’s got honey comb in it

RYAN: I don’t think that’s new mate

JOEL: I just saw the new packaging. It drew me in

RYAN: Why?

JOEL: Just did. Looked good

JOWETT: didn’t one of you have a girlfriend that was a sucker for advertisement or new packaging and stuff?

MIKE: Yeah, I did. She was a vegetarian and saw some veggie food with new packaging so she bought it

JOWETT: I can imagine you didn’t let that moment go by without some smart arse comment

MIKE: Nah, just rolled my eyes

JOWETT: I bet you didn’t (Mocking voice) “They’ve just re-badged it you daft hippy!”


MIKE: Rings a bell. Women are a bit susceptible to advertising anyway

JOWETT: At the risk of something misogynistic being said..go on?

MIKE: Nah I wouldn’t. I’m not misogynistic

JOWETT: No, sure

MIKE: Now where’s that bird with my coffee?


JOWETT: I mean you joke about it. But you are a bit sexist and stuff

MIKE: No evidence to back this up, at all

JOWETT: I have visions of you, even as a baby, sitting in your high chair, slapping you’re mum’s arse as she walks past going “Warm up my milk toots”


JOWETT: Not denying it

RYAN: Because he’s laughing

MIKE: Right, stop it now, I’m not misogynistic. In fact, Callum, our old roadie, came out as gay didn’t he. I was fine with it, even though he will have had to leave his girlfriend

JOWETT: What? That’s doesn’t make sense. You have just gone from trying to explain why you aren’t a misogynist, to us thinking you are homophobic

MIKE:….Oh yeah


MIKE: I’m neither. For the record

RYAN: Has he really come out as gay?

MIKE: Yeah. He was caught out

JOWETT: Caught out how? Actually let’s not gossip about him. He might take issue with you accusing him of something he didn’t do

MIKE: Don’t use words like ‘accused’. I will be reading that back in a letter from his lawyer

JOWETT: Well you have accused him of being gay. Are you sure he has come out as gay? He could sue

MIKE: Yeah..I think…I swear someone said he had

JOWETT: Oooo backtracking. You said he was caught out!



JOWETT: Right okay. Let’s wrap this up. What you up to later?

RYAN: Nothing

MIKE: I’m going to see a musical

JOWETT: Oh come off it. We know your not homophobic

MIKE: Okay, good

JOWETT: I mean If it really concerns you, I could try to organise a gig for you at G-A-Y club in Charing cross

MIKE: Well let’s not go too far

JOWETT: No worries mate, consider it DONE! You will have to be a bit more energetic on stage. You looked bored at your last gig

MIKE: How dare you

RYAN: Bob said that actually. Need to get involved a bit more

MIKE: WHAT!? I’m sorry, what do you expect me to do?

JOWETT: Anything mate

MIKE: FINE! You wait for the next one. I’m going to bite the head off an animal, on stage

JOWETT: Pfft you wouldn’t

MIKE: I will

JOWETT: What animal?



JOWETT: Until next time!

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  1. G M Stevens says:

    Thanks for the morning laugh.

  2. Laugh if you will but Mike will be getting some protein 🙂 Small as it might be.

  3. imakeeper says:

    I kind of want to eat a chocolate orange now…… minus one that has been man-handled by a massive sweaty hand.

  4. amycreates says:

    Eew…I kind of DON’T want to eat a chocolate orange right now. Honeycomb or not. 😛

  5. “Or appears on google earth”. Priceless! LOL

  6. the master says:

    I’ve got this mental image of Mike as Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit now. From this point on, I’m gonna hear his voice in my head whenever I read Mike’s comments!

  7. lostnchina says:

    Let me know how to successfully and cleanly behead an ant. Those things wriggle a lot!

  8. Finally following you on Twitter…Geez, can’t get away from you guys! Nor do I want to…

  9. what does fu*ked mean? 🙂 continue…

  10. “What? That’s doesn’t make sense. You have just gone from trying to explain why you aren’t a misogynist, to us thinking you are homophobic.” LMFAO boys!

  11. loved it – although i have to admit that when i saw large receptionist in the title, i didn’t picture a man – but a very large woman with saggy ‘parts’ if you know what i mean 😉

    well done!

  12. This…was…hi-la-ri-ous. Perfect humor!

  13. zencherry says:

    I can just see the mad dash down the fire exit and getting plugged up by big Danny.
    Gave you the Versatile Blogger Award btw. Love this blog toots. 😉

  14. horn07 says:

    This is actually genius haha! Cheers for the like 😀

  15. Blogdramedy says:

    Ant…as in Adam? 😉

  16. willofheart says:

    hahaha I enjoy reading this post …

  17. ann says:

    i cried. seriously. that funny. ta.

  18. Maddox says:

    Lovely start to the day 😀

  19. Laughing out loud at your fat jokes & gay jokes & sexist jokes. I love politically incorrect humor. I’m just glad no one is watching. Do you ever get hate mail? Or bomb threats?

  20. uponatlas says:

    HAHA! Awesome start to my day!

    Awesome post, and thanks for the like!



  21. OMGosh. Boys! Now with scolding out of the way, I can now say that was pretty darn funny

  22. eof737 says:

    What a riot… I love this one… poor ant. 😆

  23. Killer funny! lol… google earth… lol

  24. robpixaday says:


  25. The Hook says:

    Fantastic! I’m laughing too hard to type…

  26. Jessica Paul says:

    Thanks for the like and at 5:30 am, this was effing hilarious.

  27. smaking says:

    Funny stuff. I agree with whomever made the comment about Mike resembling baby Herman. That is exactly what I was thinking as well.

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