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Well, after a two-week break, we are back. We had a bit of time off abroad while the lad’s did some more writing. I finally managed to sit down with them for a new interview. Here it is!

JOWETT: So here we are! Back again! After a two-week break. How is everyone?

MIKE: I’m good

JOWETT: Yeah? Ryan?

RYAN: Yeah, tip-top mate

JOWETT: Good stuff! Joel?

JOEL: I’m okay now. I was a bit ill last week

JOWETT: Aw sorry to hear that mate, but not that interested


RYAN: Bit harsh

JOWETT: Yeah I suppose it was. Sorry Joel

JOEL: It’s okay

RYAN: He was proper ill too

JOWETT: Were you?

JOEL: Yeah, I was like sweating constantly

JOWETT: Well (Pause) We were in a hot country

JOEL: I know but I was actually ill

MIKE: I can vouch for him, he was genuinely ill. He looked pale for a week and had a constantly gloss of sweat across his face

JOWETT: (Sounding disgusted) Eugh. Why were you constantly so close to him that you noticed he had a sweaty, ill face?

MIKE: Because I tried to punch him one night and my fist slipped off his face. Made a proper squeak


JOWETT: Ahh, Mike’s back everybody! Anyway let’s get on with this. Talk about where we went. Mike didn’t like it originally, did you?

MIKE: Well no but

JOWETT: Why was that?

MIKE: Well (Laughs) There were Greek people everywhere


JOWETT: And what was the name of the country we were in?

MIKE: It may have begun with  G and had a few E’s in there


JOWETT: For the record, be better clear up that you aren’t racist

MIKE: Nah, i just wasn’t a fan at first. But I got into it eventually. It was good!

JOWETT: Yep! Even though Joel was ill, he originally came to groom the foreign fans!

JOEL: That’s not fair

JOWETT: Mate I heard you chatting to the female fans. Taking down number’s and names to add on Facebook

JOEL: It’s not grooming, It’s banter


JOWETT: Sure. Well that ‘Banter’ didn’t go down well with the girl he dragged back to his room


JOWETT: Sorry, sorry. I just caught a glimpse of one of the managers eye’s and suddenly realised that in this context, ‘dragged’ is a no-no word. While we were away in this mystery location inhabited by Greek’s. Joel got in trouble. Basically he chatted up this girl, got her back


JOWETT: WILLINGLY! Of course. And she then ran off didn’t she?

JOEL: Err well yeah


JOWETT: Oh no. Sorry are we not supposed to tell this story?


JOEL: Nah it’s okay

RYAN: I spoke to her the next day and she said “All he is bothered about is sex”

JOEL: Well yeah…With her


JOWETT: Oh god I knew I was going down dangerous territory when I decided to tell this story. When you got her back to your room, what did you say? Can we re-enact it?

JOEL: Not really

JOWETT: Yeah we can do this, call your lawyer after, it will be fine. Okay I Imagine she said “No I don’t want to sleep with you” Did you give her a drink or anything

JOEL: Err nah

JOWETT: Okay erm “I think I am just going to sit her a drink this lack of hospitality and then I’m going”


JOEL: Stop it now

JOWETT: Okay sorry sorry. We better wrap this up! Until next time! It’s goodbye from us all!


We were overwhelmed with the amount of email’s we found after we came home so keep sending them in and sign up!

  1. the master says:

    Aw, don’t stop there! It’s all anonymous, what’s the harm?

    You know, Joel is rapidly emerging as underdog star of this blog!

  2. Blogdramedy says:

    Not quite a cliff-hanger…more like a hook on a molehill but good stuff nonetheless. 🙂

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