Signing off for two weeks with talk of acrobatic monkeys and (not with) autism

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Band Conversations
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Get On the Band Wagon!


JOWETT: Hello!


RYAN: Hello

JOEL: Hello

JOWETT: This post is coming off the back of the slagging off match between Mike and Ryan, on Twitter. There were some good ones. I’m guessing people know none of the allegations you made against each other weren’t true but..

MIKE: Mine were

JOWETT: Mmm I don’t think they were

MIKE: All of them were true

JOWETT: So you reckon Ryan stepped on a plug, with no shoes on and cursed Martin Luther King

MIKE: Yep. Read into that what you want


RYAN: None of them were true. It was just a game that got a bit heated

JOWETT: Right, well have you made up? Mike was getting desperate and started moaning about it. Saying he was going to look stupid if he couldn’t come up with a comeback. You moan a lot at the moment

MIKE: No I don’t!

JOWETT: You do. At Glastonbury you didn’t stop!

MIKE: I hardly ever moan

JOWETT: You do. ‘On Facebook, On Twitter, On the edge of a tantrum at any minute’


JOWETT: So have you made up?


JOWETT: Good stuff. Before we go further I have a question to ask you from a fan. It’s from Tinkerbelle86’s blog. She is asking the question ‘Does anyone go weak at the knees anymore?’ So I said I would put the question to you

RYAN: I don’t think it has ever happened to me

MIKE: Or me

JOWETT: Brilliant. I was hoping more of a discussion lad’s, I’ll be honest

MIKE: Actually, when I lived with my parents, there was a girl who lived next door that use to go weak at the knees when ever she saw me

RYAN: Why’s that? She have Cerebral palsy?

Laughter from all over the room

JOWETT: OOOOOKAY(Laughing) Apologies for that comment. Clearly there is still some backlash from yesterdays Twitter row. I hope that answers the question. She loves you lot you know


JOWETT: What? I can’t imagine many people tell you that they love you, Joel. I would accept this one

JOEL: Well girls say that word all the time. They love everything. My ex once said she loved Paul Bettany


JOEL: I mean, come on

JOWETT: I dunno mate, did you not see his work in the masterpiece that was, ‘Wimbledon’


JOWETT: Erm I did receive an email about this woman who likes acrobat shows and stuff and she has a pet monkey that can do cartwheels and stuff. But I the name of it has escaped me


MIKE: And why the fu*k were you going to tell us this?

JOWETT: Well some circus promoters wanted to sign up the monkey or something, but she refused and said it was too cruel. She say’s she doesn’t even make him do tricks at home

RYAN: Well how does she know he can do the tricks?

JOWETT: Dunno. One day she walks in on it doing a handstand and goes “Woah….i would keep that to a minimum, my little hairy mate”

MIKE: Hang on. This woman who is in to acrobat shows and stuff, has a pet monkey that can do acrobatics, but doesn’t make it do them?


MIKE: But why have something like that and not use it? It would be like having an autistic cousin with an online casino account and NOT use him

JOWETT:  Fu*k’s sake


MIKE: What?

JOWETT: Nothing im just totting these down in my head. ‘making light of cerebral palsy and comparing an autistic child to a performing monkey’. No worries. Ryan, have you abandoned the Beatles’ warning signal now?

RYAN: He was too quick


JOWETT: I’m sorry again. We actually had a charity, supporting people with Autism, asking us to plug their charity, but It could be more trouble than it’s worth

MIKE: Nah go on. Do you know what this charity does?

JOWETT: Well support people with Autism. They have special carer’s that take them out on trips and stuff

MIKE: That’s good. I would take some of them out


JOWETT: When he say’s some of them. He means sufferers of autism

MIKE: Yeah. I have an idea

JOWETT: Well im going to stop you there and say, with my lawyer hat on, no you haven’t. Yesterday, Mike said he reckons there could be money in an idea to set up a womens refuge for the the discarded former members of the sugababes because there have been so many


MIKE: Hear me out. Have you ever seen the film ’21’?


MIKE: It’s about a team of really clever teenagers that bankrupt casino’s. I could do something like that. Take a few of these people out to a casino, start my own little team

JOWETT: And that’s it for this post. Thank you for reading

MIKE: We could be called the ‘Rain men’


JOWETT: (Laughing) Oh god. Erm yeah that’s it for this post. Again ‘m sorry for anyone that took offense, he doesn’t mean it

MIKE: Well. I now own that name idea, before anyone tries to nick it

JOWETT: You can have it mate!


JOWETT: He doesn’t mean it. Anyway, this is the last post for two weeks. We are away for a bit, really busy doing this and that, so we will see you again in two weeks! Goodbye!




Like I said in the interview, we will be away for a couple of weeks because of busy schedules and the like. But we will be back after the two week. Keep following!

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  1. Blogdramedy says:

    Paul Bettany is sexy. Don’t ask me why…it’s a woman thing.

    Glad I ran across you lot, have a great two weeks and take notes…especially of the funny stuff. 🙂

  2. the master says:

    Long as Mike’s an excellent driver (for getaway purposes), he could be onto a winner there.

  3. @imonthebandwagon, just reminding you that the final results for the ‘Submit Your Blog Competition’ is going to be shown today (7/4/2011) at 9:00.

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