Joel’s Jabbering – The first of many to get our Twitter account shut down

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Band Conversations
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JOEL: You know when you see a two animals having sex? How do you know if it’s consensual?

RYAN: What?

JOEL: Also, if it isn’t consensual, with which species, does it not matter? Like If a spider got raped, no one would care. Or a beetle. I think if a beetle was raped, no one would care

MIKE: I think Paul McCartney would care

Just another example of some of the shit I have to listen to that spurred me on to make this blog. More of this is posted on our twitter account, Follow!/jowettbandwagon

  1. Blogdramedy says:

    Warped minds are a terrible thing to waste…so no worries here then!

  2. Ruth D. says:

    Haha! Nice.

  3. He is so wise. Do you think in the beetle world it’s rape if the man beetle says “surprise!”?

  4. the master says:

    Don’t some female spiders eat their mates? Maybe that’s why.

    PS: Followed

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