Lawyers and uncle’s that are better forgotten

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Band Conversations
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Get On the Band Wagon!


Its been a while since the last post due to the bands busy schedule but we are back with another interview! Enjoy!


JOWETT: Hello!

RYAN: Hello


JOWETT: Do you want to say hello, Mike?

MIKE: Sorry, I was drinking Ribena

JOWETT: You heard me count down to the start of the interview so why did you decide to have a drink at this precise time?

MIKE: Because I was thirsty! So I took a sip of my Ribena. I like Ribena

JOWETT: Right you have said Ribena too many times. Are they sponsoring you?


MIKE: (Laughing) No

RYAN: You sure? That did sound suspicious


RYAN: Okay. You wont mind if i say this then. Ribena is the main cause of cancer


JOWETT: Wooooaaaaaahhhhhh I’m going to nip this in the bud straight away because I am the one that will pay for that comment. Obviously that was a joke and Ribena does not cause any harm at all. Okay.

MIKE: Do you really only get in trouble for stuff that we come out with?

JOWETT: (Pause) Sh*t

MIKE: Right! Now for our new topic item! MOSKS!

JOWETT: Stop it stop it, shut the fu*k up, it’s not funny. You know how much hate mail we received after the ‘one foot in the grave’ poster that we posted. Now then, this talk has just given me an idea for questions. Have you ever been sued?

MIKE: As a band or individually?

JOWETT: Either will do. I know you have legal representatives for the band

RYAN: Well yeah we have legal representatives for the band but Mike used to have his own lawyer and tried to use the same firm as our representatives

JOWETT: Why didn’t you use them?

RYAN: Because they were a comedy law firm


MIKE: They weren’t a comedy law firm at all. The bloke that run it was a mate of mine actually. They went under

RYAN: (Sarcastically) I wonder why!? Tell Jowett the name of the law firm

MIKE: Why?

RYAN: I will do it…

MIKE: Okay, the firm mainly dealt with family cases. Like when parents fight each other for custody of their children

JOWETT: Okay. So what was their name?

MIKE: (Pause) ‘Papa don’t Breach’


JOWETT: You are joking?

RYAN: Nope

MIKE: It’s just a name. They were a good firm!

RYAN: They don’t even exist anymore!

JOWETT: Oh dear. Well okay. The firm that represents your band. Have they had to protect you against anything

RYAN: Ermm there was that bother with Joel’s song

MIKE: Ah yeah


RYAN: Well Joel came to us one day and goes “I have got a new tune, have a listen and see what you think”. So we listened to it and one of our team said it sounds like something he had heard before. He reckoned it was like a Beatles song

MIKE: Yeah so a couple of days later we get a message from Paul McCartney’s lawyer saying they have heard the song and it is identical to one of their tracks and if you proceed with using the song then legal action will be taken


RYAN: So we rang up Joel and said “Erm Joel, you know that songs you played for us last week? Well we have had some comments suggesting that it is similar to a Beatles song. Want to comment?” And Joel said “Yeah its related to a Beatles songs, think of it likes its second cousin. They both have the same DNA” So I said “when you say same DNA, do you mean same chords?”

MIKE: And he said “Yeah yeah!”  “Mmmm that will cause legal issues”


MIKE: So we had to abandon it

JOWETT: What an idiot

RYAN: I know. I’m surprised I didn’t recognise the song after the first time Joel played it

JOWETT: Big Beatles fan?

RYAN: Well yeah but I remember listening to all the Beatles albums when I was really young with my uncle. I think it was my uncle anyway

JOWETT: (Confused) You think it was you’re uncle?

RYAN: Yeah

JOWETT: Wasn’t your dad?

RYAN: Nah I just remember listening to them with this man



RYAN: I remember listening to the Beatles albums with a man, I think it must have been one of my uncles

JOWETT: (Laughing) Are you sure that was you’re uncle?

MIKE: Which uncle was this. Uncle ‘our little secret’


MIKE: Uncle ‘They won’t believe you if you tell them’


MIKE: Uncle ‘sat crying on the floor of the shower…..


JOWETT: OOOOOKAY THEN, stop it now. It’s probably time we stopped this post. Before we go I must remember that we had some music sent to us by an up and coming DJ. He wants you to listen to it and give feedback for the next post. I have told him you will

RYAN: Sure

JOWETT: Well then, its goodbye from us all here! Untill next time!


Keep spreading the word! and if you want to send us stuff to listen to just get in touch!







  1. This blog is awesome. “Papa don’t Breach!” Fantastic.

  2. As always…completely entertaining!

  3. Snaaks says:

    Cool funny blog

  4. alcostotle says:

    “MIKE: Uncle ‘They won’t believe you if you tell them’”

    Freakin’ priceless.

  5. Do you ever feel like the chaperone a girls lacrosse team playing out of state and trying to party while away from their olds? Sounds suspiciously the same to me…

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