It started with an apology

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Band Conversations
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Get On the Band Wagon!

Hello! We are back once again with a new post, quicker than expected due to the lad’s being given some time off! That sound’s like they were dropped from their record label, they weren’t. ANYWAY, in the last post Mike made light of terrorism again and as expected we received some complaints. So we would like to apologise for any offense the comment may have caused and I can only imagine, it will more than likely, happen again.

Now to the new interview with the band. Enjoy!

JOWETT: Hello!

MIKE: Hello!

RYAN: Hello!

JOWETT: How are we?

MIKE: Fine. Are you going to make me apologise for the joke I made in the last post

RYAN: Did you get any complaints?

JOWETT: Yeah we got a few. I’m not going to attempt to make you apologise no. Instead I will issue an apology at the beginning of todays post, on your behalf

MIKE: Fair enough

RYAN: What did Mike say again?

MIKE: All I did was make up a terrorist sit-com name

RYAN: Ahh yeah! ‘One Foot In The Tube’?

MIKE: Yeah. After Jowett told me about the complaints I was inspired and made a picture for it

JOWETT: Oh god (Pause) I kind of want to see it

MIKE: I have it here. Hang on

JOWETT: Let’s see it the…….

Laughter from all over the room (Some shocked faces)

Mike's Pilot

You didn't see this!

JOWETT: Right then! Moving on! I wasn’t prepared for todays chat so I have brought a newspaper with me to get topics to talk to you about. Bare with me a sec…

RYAN: Such a shambles

MIKE: Come on

JOWETT: Okay. Eurovision song contest, you gonna watch it?

RYAN: Honestly? What do you think?

JOWETT: Yeah fair enough. Even though ‘Jedward’ are in it?

RYAN: Seriously?


RYAN: Christ

MIKE: Those lad’s are weird. Have they got something wrong with them?

JOWETT: (Sounding unsure) I don’t think so, just a bit eccentric, but we should probably move on in case they do have something wrong with them

MIKE: Do you think they are a bit warped because they have both had to watch the other one get buggerd by Louis Walsh?

Laughter from all over the room

JOWETT: (Laughing) Look at Ryan’s face! All Beatles songs escaped you then didn’t they? Erm Well, Ryan, thinking about it with my lawyer hat on, I don’t think so

Mike laughing

JOWETT: I can see your manager in the next room shaking his head in disappointment at that comment, Mike

Muffled sound of some shouting

JOWETT: What? (Pause) Oh. You’re manager just shouted to cut that out. Look at him stood there looking nervous. The Jim Henson of rock music, creating you bunch of Muppet’s!

RYAN: Come on get on with it

JOWETT: I saw a blog today actually that got the whole idea of the Eurovision song contest right. I think the blog was called ‘In 10 Words’ and they summed it up by saying “Every year, a cheesy talent contest prevents world war three”

RYAN: Any more news?

JOWETT: Royal Wedding is still in the news

MIKE: Why?

JOWETT: Erm (Pause) One of the royal family members wasn’t invited so she is complaining. As if! even I was invited to the wedding

RYAN: (Tuts) No you wern’t

JOWETT: I was, but decided to sell my invite on Ebay

RYAN: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah? Who to?

JOWETT: Err the username was ‘catcher in the rye no1 fan’


JOWETT: Obviously i’m joking

RYAN: What else you got?

JOWETT: Ermmm (Pause) Invincible possum shot five times and still didn’t die? Interested?



JOWETT: “The marsupial was found in Waterloo, Iowa, by officers who assumed the caged animal was dead. However, the opossum was still very much alive, despite taking four gunshot wounds to the face and one to the shoulder”

Curtis '50 Cent' Possum

RYAN: Fu** me! That possum has enemies. To be shot 5 times!

MIKE: Yeah! 5 gunshot wounds! and he still didn’t die! That possum is like ’50 Cent’

JOWETT: (laughs) No not really. Anyway the possum is okay

RYAN: Good

JOWETT: I think we will leave it there before i have to apologise again. Goodbye from myself, Mike and Ryan. Until next time!

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  1. Abril says:

    You got great points there, that’s why I always love checking out your blog.

  2. the master says:

    I have to say, I like Mike’s style!

  3. oh God, “One foot in the tube” xD
    I must say, I’m just loving this blog more and more

  4. Ha! The Jedward bit got me, living in Ireland – and I live in Louis’ home town!

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