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Posted: May 9, 2011 in Band Conversations
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Hello, we are back again for another chat with the band. Prior to this interview i told the lad’s what the topic was going to be so they were prepared with stuff to talk about. I told them i was going to ask them about their love lives. They actually turned up ready with information and even brought along Joel, the drummer, as he was apparently a ‘little rat’ when it comes to women. Enjoy

JOWETT: Hello!

RYAN: Hello

MIKE: Hello

JOWETT: For the purpose of the tape recorder, we have another guest, Joel. Joel is the band’s drummer aren’t you?

JOEL: I am!

JOWETT: Have you been keeping track of the other posts, Joel?


JOWETT: Nodding won’t work on a tape recorder Joel. I can already see this is going to be hard work. Why did you bring him?

RYAN: I told you on the phone. He is a massive love rat, he is the only one that had kiss ‘n’ tells in the papers

JOWETT: Fair enough, we will get on to that in a bit. In the last post Mike said some daft things about Bin Laden’s death

MIKE: Bin Ladenzzz (Puts emphasis on the Z)

JOWETT: Shut up Mike. We had some e-mails complaining about the joke so Mike would like to apologise

MIKE: Nah i wouldn’t

JOWETT: There you go! He wouldn’t. Mike finds terrorism funny

MIKE: No i don’t. not sit-com funny anyway


MIKE: It’s not sit-com funny. Like laugh out loud funny. Just funny

RYAN: I’m going to regret this but…if there was a sit-com based on terrorism, what would you call it?


MIKE: One foot in the tube?

Laughter from all over the room

JOWETT: F*** me

Still laughter from corners of the room

JOWETT: Right that never happened! Let’s get on with it. Love lives! Being famous, your private life obviously gets a lot of attention, especially your relationships. There has been media attention in the past surrounding your relationships?

RYAN: A bit yeah

JOWETT: And obviously there is more attention if your partner at the time is almost famous

RYAN: Yeah. A lot of the people you hear we have been linked with are normally made up though

MIKE: Joel was linked with a member of ‘Girls Aloud’ at one point. Apparently been spotted mooching around with her

JOEL: That’s because I was

MIKE: Behave! you were never going out with anyone from ‘Girls Aloud’!

JOEL: I was! Got her number anyway!

MIKE: Yeah you bragged about it for ages and then when you rang it you couldn’t get through!

JOEL: She was busy

MIKE: Mmmm or  (Puts on operator voice) ” The number you have dialled is made up. Please sit down and shut up”


JOEL: Shut up! just jealous!

JOWETT: I take it that particular fling didn’t last then Joel?


JOWETT: You do seem to be the one that has the most media attention when it came to relationships. I do remember, actually, there were a few kiss ‘n’ tells

JOEL: Yeah a couple

RYAN: My personal favorite was that one from a few years ago. She was quoted describing Joel as a ‘trampy Ringo Star’

JOEL: (Sounding annoyed) What!? A trampy Ringo Star! You have to be joking!? Who said this?

RYAN: Errr  it was that Michelle *******

JOEL: (Pause) Oh well fair enough, i did treat her very badly


JOWETT: Have any of your girlfriends mothers been disapproving? like, Mike, you were in the papers for the odd drug possession and what not. That can’t be a good start?

MIKE: My ex girlfriend’s mum loved me. Said all these nice things about me after the first time she met me

JOWETT: I take it she doesn’t know about your druggy past? because it was in some papers and that

MIKE: Nah  I don’t think she does, she was like, you are such a nice boy, and you a perfect for our **** you’re welcome here when ever you want

JOWETT: Awww (Pause) cut to your girlfriend’s  mum scrolling through Google “HE DID WHAT!?”


JOWETT: Mike, you have just split from a relationship haven’t you?

MIKE: Yeah

JOWETT: Want to tell us why?

MIKE: She just (Pause) there were differences. She kept acting like my wife

JOWETT: Mmm, was probably that bloody ceremony that confused her ay?

MIKE: Shut up

JOWETT: Ryan, are you in a relationship at the moment?


JOWETT: Have you got any story you would like to tell us about past relationships?



RYAN: Errm Joel use to have girls banging on his windows in the middle of the night

JOWETT: (Laughs) Really? Asking to be let out i imagine?


JOWETT: Aww look at Joel’s face. You wont be coming back for another post will you?

RYAN: I think he should. Did you know he only just watched ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ the other day?

JOWETT: That’s a bit random

RYAN: I know, sorry. He mentioned it to me yesterday and it blew my mind that he had never seen it

JOWETT: Which one did you watch? the old version or the one with Johnny Depp?

JOEL: Err the old one

JOWETT: What did you think?

JOEL: Didn’t like it, was creepy. Bit confusing as well

JOWETT: (Laughs) What confused you?

JOEL: Well, at the end, why did Willy Wonker only have half of everything?


JOWETT: Ahhh yeah Joel will be back at some point. Let’s wrap it up. Good bye!

MIKE: Bye!

RYAN: Bye!

End of another post. Brilliant input from Joel. I’m going to see if i can get him on more posts. Keep spreading the word about the blog! if you haven’t already joined the Facebook page, do so!

Until next time

  1. calvininjax says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I like to start the day off with a touch of whimsy and this blog site has it in spades, with my kind of humour

    Great stuff!

  2. alcostotle says:

    Wait, I want to hear Mike’s full views on terrorism. I may not agree, but I’ll bet I’ll laugh. I can see the ghost of Bin Laden now: Funny? Funny how? Like I’m some kind of clown here to amuse you? What do you mean funny?

  3. Fantastic idea! I’m glad you landed on my blog today so I get to check out yours. Looking forward to reading more about the band.

    • Thanks! Yeah keep following the conversations! I reckon these boys are yet to come out with something really daft, i just have to steer them in the right direction.

      Great blog by the way! Make sure you keep it going!

  4. theduffboy says:

    My idea for a sit-com about terrorism: Charlie in the Spider Hole.

  5. Actually, the comment about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being creepy and confusing works for either version…

  6. Rocket says:

    Haha, oh man I wish conversations like this were more present in my life. Great post 🙂

  7. susielindau says:

    This all tied in so well with the movie Love Actually I just watched for the first time tonight. Love can be confusing even for you guys!!

  8. nigga whot says:

    you lot are bare gay

  9. zencherry says:

    Ahahaaa! Banging on the windows to let them out. And don’t feel sorry for Willy Wonka he liked his things in halves, just look at the oompaloompas. 😉 (Lol. Wait, I’ll probably get hate mail for that one.)

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