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Posted: April 16, 2011 in Band Conversations
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I had somewhat annoyed Mike, after the last post, so it had taken alot of effort to get him to sit down with me and Ryan again to have another chat. This is what happened

JOWETT: Back again! How are we lads?

RYAN: I think Mike is still in a mood after your comments the other day

JOWETT: It was only a joke! come on Mike

Silence for a bit

JOWETT: You not gonna talk Mike? You still sulking Mike? Mike? Mike? Mike?

Still silence


At this point i turned off the recorder and threatened to release some information about him in a toilets of a certain strip bar in Soho. I also had a moan at his manager and then turned it back on

JOWETT: And we are back! Hello Mike

MIKE: (Enthusiastically) HELLO!

JOWETT: Look at how Mike has picked up! it’s almost as if he has been geed up by threats from his management!

MIKE: Almost yeah

JOWETT: I have decided that the last few conversations have lacked any real stories. And that’s what people emailing in want really

RYAN: Come off it. No one has emailed in about this. How do you know if anyone reads it?

JOWETT: We have a hit count mate. Can see how many people read it

RYAN: How many?

JOWETT: A lot. you would be surprised. Its growing everyday. We mainly get emails asking who you are to be honest. Had all sorts. Anyway give us a story

RYAN: About what?

JOWETT: Anything. I told you the other day to come up with something to talk about. What about the people you have had opinions about, in the past

RYAN: What people

MIKE: Yeah who?

JOWETT: Well since I started touring with you i have heard  Ryan slag off Coldplay, Phil Collins, Take That, Morrisey. the list goes on. And Mike’s gripes have been about Paul Weller, U2, Johnny Borrell, The Killers, Mark Ronson, Matalan, Alton Towers, Elmo, the colour yellow and Wales

RYAN: (To Mike) Elmo?

MIKE: I don’t find him funny mate

RYAN: You’re not supposed to Mike. (To Jowett) when we first started out, Mike used to come out with inappropriate stuff during interviews. Stuff that would sound offensive to some

JOWETT: Like what?

RYAN: Racist

MIKE: Hang on!

RYAN: No come on mate, some of it was just stupid. It came to the point where, during interviews, we had to subtly warn him that he was going into dangerous territory.


RYAN: Beatles song titles. If he heard one then he knew to stop

JOWETT: Seriously?

MIKE: Yeah

RYAN: A publication took some stuff he said about the Welsh out of context. What did you say again?

MIKE: I said their language was pointless. Or something like that


RYAN: Not so much out of context then. You love all walks of life though really don’t ya?

MIKE: (Laughs) Oh aye. From the little china men to the stoned Jamaican

JOWETT: Enough said!


I’m sorry to anyway that was offended by Mike’s comments. He was obviously joking, but sorry again anyway. If you would like to hear more borderline racism then join the growing subscribers and if you have a question for the lads the email is:


  1. This is funny! And I kinda like that they are nameless. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am enjoying catching up on yours. Good stuff

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